New School Readiness Report Released

Too many children start school unable to communicate clearly, eat independently and having not been toilet-trained. A new YouGov survey commissioned by Kindred2 has investigated parent and teacher experience and opinions on school readiness.

Results of the latest survey reveal that most parents (89%) believe their children are school ready by the time they start Reception – but finds that teachers think it’s nearer half (54%). This striking gap raises a number of questions around the perception and understanding of school readiness. 

The report explores views around school readiness and the impact on children, staff and the school as a whole. Parents and teachers reflect on the impact of covid, the lack of awareness around school readiness as well as whose responsibility it is.

We need to make sure parents are aware of the expectations of school readiness and the milestones children are expected to meet. We must also ensure they have access to the right information, guidance and support to help children thrive when they start school.

Read the report here.

“Too many children are behind before they begin because as a nation we are not prioritising the raising of children at the very time in their lives when their brains are most receptive to stimulation and interaction with older children and adults.

We perpetuate a failure to inform, a lack of support and under-funding that would be unthinkable in the rest of the education sector. We allow this in spite of our knowledge that pre-school development is an accurate predictor of later life attainment and health. School readiness is not just an early years issue.

This data can’t be dismissed as simply another result of covid or something that’s impossible to overcome during a cost of living crisis. It goes much deeper and public understanding of what our youngest citizens need from us has to get better.

We need a national conversation about the importance of the early years of development. And as a first step, we need clear, timely and accessible information on the simple, easy steps every parent can be taking from the birth of their babies to support their development.”

Felicity Gillespie, Director, Kindred2