Felicity Gillespie in The Times: Our children are behind before they even begin

The Times Education Commission report is calling for increased focus on the early years. It is great to see growing support around the importance of the early years given its fundamental impact on life-long outcomes.

Based on a year-long enquiry and evidence from dozens of experts, the Times Education Commission report reveals inequality within schools and calls for specific focus on the early years. The report echoes the findings of the Kindred Squared and YouGov’s School Readiness survey, stating that some children are starting school not even knowing their own name.

Following the release of the report, Felicity Gillespie wrote an article for The Times exploring why we need to put a greater focus on the Early Years sector and discusses what happens when we don’t. If you would like to read Felicity Gillespie’s article, click here.

Felicity highlights how the SEEN Programme educates students before they become parents to help future generations understand the importance of the early years.